angry mother

A Woman’s Struggle with Motherhood and Anger Led to a Profitable Blog

This podcast I listened to was supposed to be about How to Build a Profitable Blog, but to be honest, I don’t think the guest talked a whole lot about the intended topic. More so she talks about her journey into blogging. I think I got more about just relationships and mental health than I did about blogging, which is fine.

This woman’s blogging journey started because of her anger issues. She was angry a lot. She would get mad at her kids, husband, and relatives pretty easily. Then, one day a friend suggested that she get help. The woman saw a professional and considered writing about her experiences learning to control her anger.

So, she basically started a blog about her anger issues and anxiety and how that affects her family. She started networking with other bloggers by joining groups of other bloggers talking about similar family dynamics.  

I don’t think she talked about money, but based on the title of the episode, I’m assuming she makes money from her blog.

I guess the biggest lesson from this about blogging is just that she started writing something that she cared about, which connected with other people and presumably led to financial success.

Other than that, check on your friends and family members. There’s nothing wrong with suggesting that they seek professional help if they are going through troubling times and there’s nothing wrong with seeking professional help if you’re struggling mentally and/or emotionally.

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