You’ve Got to Crank Out Those Blog Posts if You Want to Make Money

I lost the information for this podcast I was listening to. I tried to find it, I really did, but when I searched for podcasts about blogging again, it didn’t show up in the top results. If I ever find it again and remember this, I’ll link to it. The topic was how to be a profitable blogger and this one kept it straight like Cheerios without the honey. 

Affiliate Marketing Requires 5-10 Posts a Day 

My main takeaways from this podcast was that in order for the guest blogger to be financially successful with her blogging career she primarily used affiliate marketing, which required her to write five to ten articles a day to drive enough traffic to her site(s). I think that’s the first time I heard someone say that. I think some of us have hopes and dreams of, maybe publishing a post a day and being able to build based off of that, but Ms. Lady here said she needed one to two workweeks worth of content every single day.  

I don’t think she went into too many details about her content creation strategy, but she did say she would batch her work. On one day, she would write all of her posts for two weeks, then the other days she would focus on her social media and other blog related activities. Her advice to other bloggers on content creation is to go by the rule of thumb that daily posts should be about 500 words long, but you also want to have at least one 2000- or 3000-word post per week. The longer form content is what the Google algorithm prefers and Google is the king of finding search engines. 

You Can Make Money Faster on Medium 

Ms. Lady eventually moved from her original blogging platform, which was independently hosted to Though you don’t have complete ownership and control over your content, for example Medium could decide to remove your articles from their platform at any time, but the advantage to their site is that it already has an audience. Building an audience is one of if not the hardest part about blogging, and according to Ms. Lady, Medium provides that already.   

Content Creation Strategies 

Another important takeaway is that you have to be flexible with your content. Some bloggers will say, this is my niche and I’m sticking to it, but realistically search trends will change over time and it would behoove you as a blogger to adapt your content to the changing times. That might not mean completely changing your blogging topic, but find a connection between your niche and what people are now searching for.  

Having different blogs helps as well. Ms. Lady may have a blog about relationships, a fiction blog, and some other stuff as well. She has six to seven blogs. She is doing some serious writing. I think she said that moving forward her strategy would include using more help in writing her articles. So, she may use freelance writers to help with some of the content. 

As far as deciding what to write about, she said that her readers will typically ask her questions and she’ll make posts about the questions. Before she had such a large readership, she would read a lot and get ideas from what she read. She would read other blogs and websites; see what’s trending and found what she could contribute to the conversation. 

I think you could do something similar with sites like Quora or Twitter or Reddit. You could see what questions people are asking surrounding your niche and make posts answering those questions. 

A recommended “game” to play to see if you could write enough about said topic is to think about many subtopics you could come up with. This gives you an idea of how interested you are in it and a sense that you could write a lot of posts surrounding said topic. 

This was a solid podcast with some solid advice. Try some of it out. Tell us how it went. 

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