From Debt to Thousands by Blogging

So this woman (Debbie Gartner) was basically backed into a corner and she had to make some money. So she had some kind of flooring business home to core business and she ran into some issues I’m talking about the kind of issues to where she legally can’t talk about them. And she ended up $232,000 in debt and she could no longer work in the flooring business.

What is key to her blogging success, though, is that alongside her traditional business, she also ran a blog about flooring. She didn’t necessarily monetize the blog at that time, but she did write for it and over the years, about eight, I think, she did learn about SEO, marketing and built an audience.

Then, she had to start over with a new blog. It really did help that she had all of that previous knowledge about bringing traffic to one’s site. She said that she did so by reading a lot of content about blogging. I think it would have been helpful to hear about some specific details.

And to be honest, it seems like from there she just used a lot of strategies that are taught now to monetize her blog. She used affiliate marketing, she sold products on Amazon, high-priced products, and created an Ebook. Her Ebook was about SEO and marketing and she reached out to other bloggers to act as her affiliate marketers, which was profitable for her.

She also talked about sales funnels from emails and newsletters. So, basically my point is that she spent several years learning how to get traffic to a blog and then when she had to start all over, she utilized all of that knowledge and combined it with modern monetization strategies.

This time around, though, it took her about three months to make approximately $1,500 in a month . Then, by the 11th month, she made $3,300 for the month. That does make me think that someone without her prior knowledge might take longer. Eventually, she began making $24,000 a month with just her blog. So I think this story isn’t that typical. It would have been beneficial if she told us how she grew her blog traffic.

Her blog topic was painting, like house painting because she had some experience with it from her flooring business. She also felt that the podcast’s hosts course Six Figure Blogger was very beneficial. She would sometimes barter her services for books about blogging or access to courses. She also had help from a friend.

Check out her blog below

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