Woman’s High Cholesterol Led to a $2,000 a Month Blog

Long story short, a woman discovered that she had high cholesterol and decided to make a change.

For about 4 months she tried a vegetarian lifestyle and simultaneously began sharing her journey on a blog.

Over time, the blog began gaining readers and companies reached out to work with her to write sponsored posts. She received her bit of money from blogging and decided to take it more seriously. She invested in improving the design of her site and paid for better headshots.

In addition to ads, she also landed a book deal. Ultimately, at the time of the publication date of the podcast episode, she was making $2,000/month.

It seems that she wrote about something she was interested in, somewhat had a niche, and persisted with blogging.

I would be curious as to how often she posted, how long were her posts, how long did it take her to become profitable, has she scaled her business and if so, how?

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