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Review of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Vol 1 by Cullen Bunn

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

Our beloved X-Men Professor X and Wolverine bring the merc with a mouth, Deadpool aka Wade Wilson, into a mental hospital, I believe on a stretcher. Wolverine tries to persuade Professor X to change his mind, but he, the professor, proclaims that Wade has gone too far and needs help. Deadpool is a loose cannon and wisecracker, but he must have really gone off the rails this time and a doctor at this mental institution is here to help.

I found it peculiar that this facility had straight jackets and other equipment capable of restraining a superhuman such as Wade, but nonetheless. The good doctor wants to inject Wade with a serum to calm him down. The doctor can’t help but comment on Deadpool’s unique character, his ability to regenerate, and his life as a mercenary.

I think through a maniacal monologue or something of the sort, the doctor confesses his true intentions with Wilson, to kill all of the Marvel superheroes! The serum that he’s injecting Deadpool with won’t cure him, but will be used to manipulate him. But before the doctor could fully inject Deadpool with his serum, Deadpool breaks free and kills the betrayer. I think we’re led to believe that the partial injection leads to Wade having a little voice pop up in his head like a devil and angel situation, but without the angel. Now, he’s on a mission to kill all of the Marvel superheroes.

For your viewing pleasure 😉

First, Deadpool kills the Fantastic Four, the very first Marvel group that was ever created. With this killing, we understand just how brutal the rest of the story is going to be. Deadpool shows no mercy. The stretchy guy, we see his face melting on his body and he melts to nothing. I think The Thing is reduced to rocks. The brother and sister pair, Johnny and Sue Storm, are the only ones left. At first, we’re unaware of where Johnny Storm is, but I think we see a plane crash that has him on it and he’s been stabbed to death or something like that.  Sue Storm goes over to see Johnny and Deadpool shows up and stabs him or cuts his throat, splashing his blood on the invisible Sue Storm. Now visible and in danger, Sue blows Deadpool’s head off. Who survives after something that? Sue begins to walk away, maybe, I don’t quite remember that part, but Deadpool then states that the number one rule is to not turn your back on someone that can regenerate and stabs her in the back.

Deadpool then takes on people such as Spider-Man, the Avengers, and the X-Men. At one point in the book, a group of people, I guess relatives and friends, who had loved ones murdered at the hands of Deadpool, pay another superpowered person to track and kill him. This is a setup for the reader to think that this person may stand a chance at finally stopping Deadpool. At first, I thought it was Dr. Doom, which I thought was interesting because the friends of the superheroes would have been so desperate to avenge their loved ones that they decided to hire a villain. It was actually Moon Knight, though and not Dr. Doom. Moon Knight is not a villain in case you’re not a Marvelhead. There was talk of Moon Knight possibly having his own show at the time of me reading this book, which was the only reason I even knew of his existence. Does the white Knight stop the crazed mercenary? You’ll have to see for yourself because I don’t remember. Actually, I think this was volume 1, so it’s safe to say…no. I think the first volume started off with Deadpool killing the most popular Marvel characters and the story will go from there.

Why I Chose to Read This Book

I was browsing through hoopladigital.com when I noticed on the feature page Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. I feel like I had seen this title before, maybe in book stores or just somewhere online. Although I was looking for another graphic novel, I decided to read this one because it looked interesting. Oh, and of course, in the past few years, Deadpool has come out with two movies and has increased in popularity.


Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe is a fun what-if scenario. If you don’t mind violence and gore, then it’s a fine read.

Author: Cullen Bunn

Illustrator, Artist: Dalibor Talajic

Cover Art: Kaare Andrews

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