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Are women asking for too much in relationships or are men not doing enough? (Part 1)

I’ve been seeing an interesting conversation online right now about dating and relationship dynamics. It seems like as women become more independent, gain rights in society, I’m primarily coming from a Western society standpoint, especially American, become more successful in the workplace, and earn more money, they are also demanding more from the men that they want to date.

What I’m hearing from men, especially the ones in the “manosphere” is that a lot of these women have unrealistic expectations for men. The trope I’ve seen is that modern women want a man that’s a 6-6-6, at least six feet tall, makes a six-figure income, and has a six pack. That’s like the common paradigm that people are using.

Realistically, only there are only 10 to 15% of men in each category. If you look at the men that meet all three criteria, then the percentage of desirable men is even smaller. That’s not accounting for marital status and sexual orientation.

What these men are saying the issue is that it’s not that women want these things, but they demand them and will not seriously date men that do not meet these criteria. When asked why these men will want them or what they “bring to the table” the argument is that these same women list traits that are not typically at the top of these men’s lists. These traits include highly educated and successful careers. The rebuttal is that what men, especially “high value” men, want women that are physically attractive i.e. in shape, easy to get along with, and feminine.

These types of women are becoming increasingly difficult to come by, so they say. And the more highly educated and successful the women are, the more they overvalue themselves in the dating marketplace. On top of that, they tend to be more disagreeable and uncooperative probably because these were traits they had to have to become more successful in their careers.

I’m just relaying what I’ve been hearing.

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