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I Wonder if Intermittent Fasting will be “Prescribed” as a Supplement to Treat Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer is scary, I can imagine. Modern medicine has come a long way. We have improved treatments and we know more about the human body and its abnormalities than ever before. Despite so much progress, there’s still much left to be desired to treat cancer.

An emerging idea about cancer seems to be that there are many different subtypes. Not subtypes based on their place of origin; we’ve understood that for a while, but rather on their causes. This makes it more difficult to find The Cure for Cancer.

Prevention is the best treatment. However, for those that have modern Western medicine may be the best treatment that we have thus far. It is also becoming increasingly accepted within the medical community that natural and alternative treatments can help as well.

You can search online for herbs or natural remedies for cancer or whatever else you think of and find many articles and suggestions.

One interesting preventative measure and supplemental treatment method that I’ve come across recently is intermittent fasting.

There has been peer-reviewed research on how practicing intermittent fasting decreases one’s likelihood of developing cancer and helps slow down cancer growth if someone has it. There are several additional recorded benefits of intermittent fasting as well, such as improved insulin regulation and improved thinking.

I wonder what are the upper and lower limits of intermittent fasting to be effective in preventing and treating cancer.

What is the most efficient way and length of time to practice intermittent fasting to have the greatest effects on cancer prevention and treatment?

What is the minimal amount of intermittent fasting one could do to have a significant effect?

What is becoming increasingly clear, however, is that most people could benefit from this practice.

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