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Review of Clumsy by Jeffrey Brown

Why I Chose this Book

I read Jeffrey Brown’s book Unlikely about his first relationship and was charmed by Brown’s candidness. I learned that Brown’s first book Clumsy was a further examination of his life and his romantic relationships and figured I would read that one too.


In Unlikely, the precursor to Clumsy, Brown explores the relationship with his first girlfriend. In this book, Brown gives us insight into his next relationship. The book is constructed as a composition of several different vignettes that are more like snapshots of this relationship rather than a narrative from beginning to end. These moments are not necessarily presented in chronological order, which may be somewhat confusing if you’re not aware of that initially. And this may or may not be appealing to some people.

Just like his other book, Unlikely. The artwork in this book is very simple, scratchy and unrefined. But once you get used to it, it can become charming. The word bubbles, though can be hard to read sometimes. I would also say that one of the appeals of his books, or at least this line of books is the vulnerability that brown displays in these books as he talks about relationships and his emotions. Brown pretty much doesn’t hold back; he lets you see the good and the bad of both himself and his partners. So, I think as a reader, one can appreciate that.

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