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Review of Gates of Heaven (Preview Edition) by Pamita Rao

Why I Chose to Read this Book

Pamita Rao (I think it was her or some affiliate account) and I connected on Twitter one day and she sent me a message offering a free preview copy of her book. A free book?! Sure, why not. Upon signing up for her newsletter, I received a free preview version of Gates of Heaven.

Gates of Heaven

Gates of Heaven is a fantasy novel. It is set in a world which is run by a power hungry mage. In this land, there is a town of rich artisans, the lower class, and those beyond. At the most northern part of this world lies the land of the gates of heaven which no-one who has dared venture to has returned. In his pursuit to rule all realms, the king wishes to enter the gates of Heaven to rule his world and the one of gods. To do this, though, he wills to sacrifice the life of his own child. His wife, though, has made plans to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from this novel. I hadn’t heard of the author before and I was offered a free copy. I guess, I didn’t expect much in quality from the book. It turns out, that was to my advantage. I was pleasantly surprised. In this preview, the world of Myrth with its magic, dragons, and class-based society is introduced pretty well. The characters are interesting and the pacing was great. This was an entertaining start to a potentially exciting adventure fantasy novel.

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