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Music Video Three Warriors Enter a Dungeon: Rapture by Ross Bugden

How I came about making this video was similar to how the making of another one transpired. I was looking for videos to use for the video Battle: Send for the Horses by Kevin MacLeod when I came across a certain video. The video was titled Fire and Ice and was a project made by nine students at Pole IIID School. This was a fantasy video that used 3D animation and video game gameplay content.

I used some of the video for Battle and Nightmare Strings. There was another segment though which had three warriors, it seemed like, entering a dungeon. Inside the dungeon, they find an amulet maybe, but before they can grab it, a giant troll appears. A battle ensues.

I had previously used the song Rapture by Ross Bugden as part of the video Captain Science. I wanted to make a video just for the song though. I felt that this troll scene would work well with this music. They both had buildup, tension, conflict, and resolution. The timing and length of both also fit pretty well. It was settled.

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Fire and Ice – Full Project (2013) via Vimeo by Fire & Ice – Project, CC BY


Rapture by Ross Bugden, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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