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Nightmare Strings: Nightmare by Alexander Nakarada

When I was looking for material to use for another video, Battle: Send for the Horses by Kevin MacLeod, I stumbled upon a video that appeared to have three different segments. The video was titled Fire and Ice and was a project made by nine students at Pole IIID School. I used parts of one segment for the video Battle and the rest remained untouched. I recognized though that the video contained more good content and I decided to keep it in mind for other videos.

I had listened to the song Nightmare by Alexander Nakarada. On one of his pages, he explains that this song was actually a song in which he was testing out the use of strings in his music. The song is brief, but I enjoyed  its upbeat pace and overall invigorating feel. I knew that I could do something with it. That’s when I remembered the Fire and Ice video. The beginning segment depicted a battle between knights, trolls and a Lord of the Rings Sauron-like figure. This seemed to fit well with Nakarada’s Nightmare. Lo and behold.

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Fire and Ice – Full Project (2013) via Vimeo by Fire & Ice – Project, CC BY


Nightmare by Alexander Nakarada @ SerpentSound Studios

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0

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