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Battle: Send for the Horses by Kevin MacLeod

I hadn’t listened to or made any music videos using Kevin MacLeod’s music in a while. So, I decided to check out his new music. Among his new pieces was a slow and enchanting, yet almost haunting song. It had a somber ambiance with very few moving parts except for an oral portion. The singing brought to mind images of war and death on a battle field, a bleak outlook. If I were to make more music videos, this song had to be in one of them.

I originally envisioned a person, a warrior, breathing heavily, staring into the distance in a gray atmosphere. Elsewhere, horses’ hooves trample the ground in search of something or someone. As he stares ahead, the warrior remembers the trauma of earlier. Men clash steel against steel, their blood seeping into the ground beneath the remains of their fallen comrades. As the warrior looks into the past, the horses march on. Chaos continues, bodies pad the earth. Agony, pain, and struggle fill the air and men.

Strewn about the warrior are the remnants of what has happened earlier, what he participated in, what he survived. The horses stop upon encountering a man kneeling among lost fighters looking ahead as if waiting for something. His face streaked with rivers of red, the warrior turns to face what awaits behind him.

To find the video(s) of what I wanted I searched for “battlefield”, “war”, “warrior”, among other keywords. I found some interesting videos, but none quite what I wanted. Then, I tried “battle.” When I saw the thumbnail of a woman’s face and ax stroked in blood looking off into the distance, I knew this would be the one.  

Warning: Video contains graphic depictions of violence.



BattleCry – Warrior – May – 2014 from Thomas H Smith,  CC BY

Fire and Ice – Full Project (2013) from Fire & Ice – Project, CC BY


Send for the Horses Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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