2D animation

8-Bit Adventure: Adventure Meme by Kevin MacLeod

This is a music video for Kevin MacLeod’s song Adventure Meme. Sometime before I made this video I searched for 8-bit music. Every now and then, I get an appetite for old Nintendo, the original NES, game music. If I remember correctly, I listened to some music on YouTube like music from Ninja Gaiden III; then, I had the idea to search for royalty/copyright free 8-bit music. I felt encouraged when I found ericskiff.com. I don’t think I did anything about it for awhile, but eventually, I either looked for royalty free 8-bit music first, or I checked to see if Kevin MacLeod had any 8-bit music. Either way, I found music that I liked and videos that I could use and put them together.

One video is from a video produced by Russian Producer Nadia Petrik and the other by Leo Compasso. A young man prepares to start his day while an unknown force threatens to undo all of his work. Also, a group of friends encounters a set of arcade-like obstacles. It’s not Nintendo, but enjoy the music and enjoy the show.




Rocketbank ? Arcada from Petrick via Vimeo, CC BY

Wild Wind from Leo Campasso Vimeo, CC BY


Adventure Meme Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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