African market place

A Cecian Dream

Below is a synopsis of a dream I had on the 353rd of the year that I felt like sharing.


A young man and friends are walking around a market place.

Young man meets another young man and the two become friends.

The two new friends play around the market place.

Suddenly, the new friend steals from a vendor and runs.

Young man chases new friend through the market place.

Old friends of young man see him chasing the new friend and follow pursuit.

The group corners the new friend in an unfamiliar area and confronts him.

Group of older men with weapons surrounds the group.

Group is held captive.

The young man is told that in order to save his friends from punishment for the action of the new friend he must submit to a “process.”

He is told that it will be painful every second for days, but his friends will be free.

Young man looks at his friends in bondage and the thief a twitch away from a fatal assault.

Young man nods to the leader.

Time passes and the young man appears dramatically transformed.

Young man speaks, “the guardians aren’t what we thought they were and they’re also liars.”

Behind young man are his friends, also transformed.

Photo: Charles Roffey/Flickr

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