NFT, Bored Ape

Investment Groups and Dollar-Cost Averaging for NFTs and the Metaverse

A conversation between the online personalities Kezia Williams and Anthony O’Neal sparked an idea I had. The Ape collection of NFTs initially sold around $200. Now, they’re selling for somewhere close to $200,000. That initial $200 might seem like a lot for something so speculative, but if 4 people put in $50, they would have made ~$50,000 each.

I don’t purport to know much about NFTs and who knows where the metaverse is going, but there may be potential investment opportunities there. If something like $200 is too much for the average person to speculate with, perhaps an investment club model could solve this issue. The barrier to entry would be much lower and the average person could still participate in the next wave of investments or the next asset classes. Similarly, what if dollar-cost-averaging could be applied as well? What do you think?

Image by Sayyid 96 from Pixabay

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