On the Road to Becoming a Different Me?

Quick food for thought. This might be a bit jumbled, but stay with me.

At some point, we have realized that we are flawed, as individuals. We probably have set out to become better versions of ourselves and get rid of those flaws. It is common to still make the same old mistakes as we improve though. Sometimes, we don’t make much progress at all, but we still have the desire to be better.

At what point do we stop waiting until we reach a point of becoming our desired selves and acknowledge that we are that flawed individual. Let me expand even further, sometimes it’s not even a flaw that you’re trying to fix, maybe you’re trying to become different. For example, maybe you’re not very social, but you’ve been working on your social skills. When would someone say “I’m just not interested in being around other people a lot. That’s not who I am”?

I think this becomes an important question to consider in relationships. At what point do you say to your romantic partner, in this case, that you’re just not the type of person that does “XYZ” or am “ABC”? That’s not to say that you would give up on trying, but it’s just not natural to you at this point. Doing so can be freeing and let’s the other person know exactly who he/she is dealing with. Perhaps it even makes the relationship stronger.

On the road to becoming who we want to be, when do we acknowledge to ourselves and to others that we may not reach that goal?

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