Day Trading Inspired Education by Teri Ijeoma

So, I came across this episode of the Brown Ambition podcast featuring Teri Ijeoma. Basically, Teri Ijeoma is a day trader and teaches a course on doing what she does. Ijeoma started trading while in school, college, I believe. She continued along the path of working a 9-5 and even became an assistant principal. Eventually, though, she became so good at day trading that she was making $300 a day trading. Once she hit that mark, she quit her job, which she did not like, and hasn’t looked back since.

I’ve known about day trading for years, but I came across the information that even professional investors don’t beat the market. That’s why it just makes sense to just invest in index funds. Therefore, I never paid attention to day trading seriously except every now and then. I would think about it, but never put too much stock into it. No pun intended.

Ijeoma seems to be doing pretty well, according to her own accounts. Based on statistics, she seems to be the exception rather than the norm, so, I say be skeptical. There were some interesting aspects of her interview, though and I liked where she was coming from. That might just be good marketing and good branding.

One thing I liked about this interview was that Ijeoma didn’t seem like she was overselling her course. She did mention that there have been a couple of times that she made a million dollars in a day or made a substantial amount of money in a short period of time, or even better, one of her students has done well day trading. So, she does dangle a carrot, but she also couples it with realistic expectations and practical advice such as start with a small amount of money, or it may take a year of learning and practicing to see real returns.

It might have been in another interview I listened to after this one in which Ijeoma said you could probably take her course and learn all of the information in eight weeks, but the practice is what really makes a difference. And she claims she gets her students to make $100 a day and sets the goal for her students to make like 1% every day, which is supposed to be very achievable. Statements like that are what makes me think she might be legit. Who knows, though? Maybe that’s the new hustle.

Her course is $5,000 and I’m not ready to pay $5,000 for this course at this point in my life. Her interview did, however, encourage me to at least learn more about technical analysis of trading. I may learn more information here and there in my spare time and even play with some simulation accounts. This may be a one year, two year, or more process, but perhaps, one day something will stick.

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