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Recognizing Self-Sabotage and Fear of Success and Failure

My time to present was coming up. It’s been a couple months in the making and this was my moment to shine. I’m going to be amazing. I have to be amazing.

I had a good strategy: work on the Powerpoint slides everyday and do a run-through of what I had at the end of the day. No, every day might be too much. I’ll do a run-through by myself at least once a week up until the day of the presentation. If I could get in two in one week, then I would do it, but no sweat if I didn’t. Once a week is still pretty good.

First week, my practice talk went well. I’m feeling proud of myself. At this rate, they’ll all be blown away come my time. The next week, some unexpected events came up and I’ve been a little tired anyway. I’ll get back to it next week.

I just finished my third and final practice run before my presentation tomorrow. Things happened and I didn’t practice like I had planned, but I think I’ll do a decent job.

Procrastination is defined as the act of delaying or postponing something. Procrastination is a common method to self sabotage.

Have you ever found yourself inadvertently sabotaging yourself? A common reason for doing so is out of fear of success. Yes. Not fear of failure, though, that is inextricably linked as well.

Why fear success? Well, because if you actually succeed, your life may change and there may be new expectations for you. There may be more expected from you, but are you ready to constantly live up to them?

What about fear of failure? Say you actually try hard, but you still fail. You can only blame yourself. What if that means you’re inadequate? However, if you didn’t really try, you could always say that you could have done better if you had tried.

Recognizing what’s happening is the first step towards overcoming it.

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