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Dating Apps as a Gateway to Kevin Samuels and The Divestment Community

So, some time ago, during the pandemic, I came across the dating section of YouTube. Like a lot of other, I spent more time sitting at home on the internet and watching TV.

I think that another consequence of the pandemic was that a lot of dating was relegated to online platforms such as Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, etc.

I suspect that a lot of these users, especially men, were either new to dating apps or previously infrequent users so they went to YouTube looking for advice on how to maximize their chances of getting a date using these apps. A lot of them had a lot of difficulty finding success and were increasingly frustrated.

There have been studies that demonstrate that on dating apps, especially, women are EXTREMELY selective, only going for approximately 10% of men. In addition, studies have shown that women think over 80% of men are below average in respect to dating prospects (This is statistically impossible. Also, I have not read the actual study yet and I see people disputing the common interpretation of this study. So, take that fact with a grain of salt).

Kevin Samuels and the Manosphere

Many of these men may have started out looking for tips on getting dates, but eventually found communities such as the Red Pill, Men Going their own Way (MGTOW), and the general manosphere that talked about how dating today is in shambles. The primary critique is that women have unrealistic expectations.

These personalities and dating coaches blew up. One of the most noteworthy people is Kevin Samuels. Without going too far into it, Kevin Samuels is an image consultant and YouTube content creator who has gained a lot of fame for his direct and sometimes harsh conversation style when talking to women about their dating lives. Many people, especially men, love him and what he says, while many others, especially women, hate him. Ultimately, those that love him say most of what he says is accurate, but those that hate him seem to hate his tone and believes he comes from a place of anger or dislike for women, especially Black women.

The Divestment Community and a Female Kevin Samuels

Kevin Samuels is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other YouTube content creators and YouTube’s algorithm keeps sucking me back in this dating hole despite my attempts to leave it.

The latest channel I’ve come across is Mahogany Pink. In a nutshell, she basically gives me female Kevin Samuels vibes. She has good points, but it seems to come from a place of anger or at least not in good faith. In particular, her resentment is targeted towards Black men.

She seems to be part of a larger movement called the divestment community, which consists of Black women choosing to separate themselves from the Black Community. You learn something new every day.

I would be interested in going back through at least two of her videos and breaking down her different points. Realistically, I don’t think I want to devote the time necessary for that and probably won’t.

I remember some time ago or friend of mine was saying how she was coming across who she called “Kayla Samuels’s” on Tik Tok, though she wouldn’t tell me who they were.

I have said to other people that even if they didn’t agree with Kevin Samuels or the like it would be beneficial to listen to what he is saying because a lot of men are agreeing with him and taking his points into dating. I think that is the same case with Mahogany Pink and the like. Her page is fairly new, but has thousands of views on her videos, which is unexpected for such a new page and the she seems to be tapping into something based on her comment section as many women are agreeing with her.

We should be prepared to hear a lot of these talking points.

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

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