office worker, stressed man

“I do not dream of labor”-Movement? Trend? Feeling?

The sentiment behind this…statement has been growing for years. It more than likely predates the time period I’m talking about, but in recent years, we’ll say, the time that millennials entered the workforce, this feeling has been growing.

I have much to learn about it. I just paid attention to it the other day when I came across a video by F.D. Signifier. I watched another video by For Hariet, as recommended by the aforementioned video essayist. I might have even watched a video by Adella Afadi before then without realizing what it was really about.

As millennials have come of age, it has become increasingly difficult to make ends meet. You need to work more to obtain less than previous generations and the problem is only growing.

Grind/hustle culture has blossomed to fill the void that the 9-5 has left, but people are tired. A lot of people are saying “hey, I want to enjoy my life.” People want a life not centered around work. People are saying that they want to look forward to spending time with friends and family, playing games, enjoying food, enjoying art, etc.

They do not dream of labor.

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