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New Blogging Game Plan: How I Might Make the Sausage

I am thinking about trying something different. Ideally, I would like some of my posts to be long finished pieces. This mostly applies to posts in which I have done some research . Part of this reasoning is I don’t want to publish posts with unanswered questions that do already have answers. It feels lazy. One problem I find, at least with myself, is that an answer to one question can lead to three more. Therefore, the research is never done and the post is never “publishable.” Another issue with waiting to finish all the research before publishing is blogging is more like a hobby for me, so, I don’t have much time to spend on it.

Now, I am considering, just letting some of the posts go “incomplete.” If I have more questions I find the answer, then write a post about that. Eventually, all could be combined into one longer post. That’s the idea at least. It reminds of a similar idea that I heard from Gary Vaynerchuk, “Document, Don’t Create.” Not a crazy thought, right? I just feel hesitant to do it. Why not try it though? What is there to lose? Let’s see how the sausage tastes.

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