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Gazing off Into Space Channel Trailer: Trailer by Alexander Nakarada

What do you think about in moments of solitude? What do you daydream about? Where does your mind wonder to? What do you think of when you gaze off into space?

This is a video I made to be a trailer for my YouTube channel in which I make music videos of royalty-free music. It uses the song…Trailer by Alexander Nakarada and contains several different video clips. The song is upbeat and fast-paced, so my attempt was to make the video the same. Check it out. “Like” the video if you like it, leave a comment and/or subscribe as well!



Trailer by Alexander Nakarada @ SerpentSound Studios Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0

Video Clips


The CHASE PT 1 from LVXL Clothing Co. CC0

The Target from Jacob Dow CC-By

Parkour Summer Workout from George Mihaly CC-By

HiiT Studios is opening June 2nd from HiiT Studios CC-By

White Collar Boxing: EPISODE 6 CC0

Dramatic Zombie Parkour Chase Scene from Peter Waterman CC-By


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