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Creative Endeavors: Journey to the Top

Often when I listen to music such as orchestral or symphonic, I envision scenes or full stories. I may have done this for years, not unlike most people, I suspect, but over time, something in me grew. The urge to see these images married to their rightful aural counterparts drove me to try to unionize the two.

I finally birthed a little test project, created from free stock videos and free copyright free music. I found the song first, then added the videos. Based on the music, I first imagined a person attempting some feat, but then failing. Next, the protagonist is hard at work training to redeem himself (this was in the form of a training montage).  Our hero attempts the feat again. The hero struggles, facing yet another failure, but ultimately succeeds.

It was difficult to get that exact sequence from free stock videos, but I think I came as close as I could to that original idea. I think it’s kind of amazing how well the music syncs with certain moments in the video, which I did not intentionally do. They simply matched naturally. Also, after viewing the final video, I thought that it might also benefit from an insertion of a motivational speech playing as well. Maybe one day that will be an alternate video too.

Maybe this will be the first of several or the first and only. Either way, I enjoyed putting this together.


Music used in Video (Great Resource!)

Ryno’s Theme Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Videos used…in Video from following website

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