Blogging Again

Blogging Again copy

Several years ago I started a blog basically on a whim. It was nothing serious and I experimented with it a little bit. About a year after I started the blog, my computer was stolen along with any interest in blogging. Now, I have considered giving it another try.

I have brought up blogging to a few people recently. I have been trying to figure out what I would blog about and how often I would do so. In the spirit of my original posts, I have considered posting about anything. I have kept a journal the last few years and have come to realize that I have more ideas than I have time to record them or realize them. The question I have contemplated is what or how much should I share here. I have to admit that I even felt slightly worried that if I use this site to express my thoughts and ideas that I would neglect my journaling. That doesn’t seem appropriate. That does not have to be the case though. I am sure I can work out a compromise between the two.

There also seems to be something unsettling about potentially being known as a “blogger”. Blogging just is not something regular people do. Once people know you blog, once you start blogging, you now become a part of an “other” group. I guess I am recognizing the natural desire to fit in with the crowd. Blogging, somewhat seriously, may take me out of my comfort zone. From all of the advice over the years, this would appear to be an indication that I should continue with this decision. It’s settled.

I shouldn’t be so concerned about blogging now more than several years ago actually. Nowadays, social media has grown and encouraged millions of people to share their thoughts online daily. Whether it be pictures, videos, or statements of 140 characters or less, people “blog” now more than ever. We are all in the same boat.

I like writing with pen on paper. It is therapeutic and helps me clarify ideas, but there is something unique about exposing your thoughts to others. There is something about knowing that someone else may see parts of you. We guard so much of ourselves, but we still want to expose some too. Even if no one looks, the risk still intrigues. So, here I am. Hello again.

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