Quantity Leads to Quality

Several highly visible people advise others to constantly produce. Produce blog posts, produce ideas, produce something and put it out there for other people to engage with. Even if no one else sees it, the act of making it will have benefited you, possibly by simply exercising your creative muscle.

An added benefit to producing a lot is that you might actually produce some quality content. Perhaps that quality content will lead to monetary gains directly or indirectly. There’s more value to making something of value than making money, but let’s be honest, most of us would like that as well.

Chris Smith argues that to achieve success, you should focus on be prolific rather than trying to be original. If you try enough, and try with sincerity, I imagine, something is highly likely to stand out from the crowd and strike a chord.

Anecdotal evidence indicates that successful people who have created highly original work did so at the same time that they were producing the most volume of work.

What should be said along with being prolific is to not be fearful. Put your work out knowing that you gave an honest effort to produce something you thought was good and don’t worry about how others will like it. Stay true to your process, keep trying to improve, let your work go, and move on to the next one.

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